Can Cbd Help Treat Parkinson's Disease And Its Symptoms? in Columbus-Georgia

Published Jun 23, 22
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I did everything to hold back the tears on his physical appearance. Hydraulic hose near me Newcastle. Of course, face time prepped us but seeing someone who was now just a shell of a person from the happy and healthy being he once used to be with an infectious smile, was difficult to say the least.

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Dosing is a common challenge with CBD as the advice is to always “go low and go slow” and find the right method to administer CBD whether it’s vaping or sublingually (under the tongue). Dr. Corroon was nurturing, compassionate, knowledgeable and instead of focusing on Parkinson’s, he focused on the symptoms.

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A lack of sleep, tossing and turning, tremors, joint pain, and nightmares are a result of PD. He also recommended we heal my father’s lungs which was a result of smoking and caused an upper respiratory cough. Dr. Corroon recommended administering CBD in the form of capsules that are measured doses of 15mg each, 3x a day.

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Corroon located in CA went to an all-boys school just down the street from my parent's home in NJ. A school my parents walk past every day to stay active. Why hello Universe, thank you for connecting us. CBD has many delivery methods: CBD oils and tinctures, topicals and lotions, consumables (aka edibles), vape and transdermal patches (Hydraulic hose repair Newcastle).


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After just a few days, we noticed a huge difference in our father’s overall mood. He was calmer, his muscles were more relaxed, and the tremors were not as noticeable - Emergency 24 hour Hydraulic hose near me Newcastle. Being in a state of relaxation then resulted in a better night’s sleep without the intoxicating effects (THC) from medical marijuana.

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You read that correctly, EIGHT HOURS! Side note: my father takes a CBD + melatonin capsule at night, which helps when you’re having trouble sleeping along with a CBD + THC combined topical for muscle stiffness (another symptom of PD). We also tried several CBD brands and different products as this is also important in finding the right companies that are transparent and on the same mission to highlight CBD’s many benefits.

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These challenges are also exacerbated with long-term use of levodopa and many years of living with PD. Overall, trials show mixed results (some positive, some negative), which leaves patients, doctors, and researchers with insufficient evidence that medical marijuana and cannabinoids are an effective treatment for Parkinson’s… however… … It is amazing to see my father finally get a good night’s rest as a restful night’s sleep can improve concentration and productivity, especially for brain function.

A balance of plant-based medicine and pharma medication, finding harmony and the right formulation for both. Project, has a very helpful article on Parkinson’s and CBD as they highlight the link between the endocannabinoid system, a biological system composed of endocannabinoids our body uses to help maintain homeostasis and balance and targeting the problems of PD.

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CBD is one of many identified cannabinoids and has an effect by binding to the receptors in the brain. Research on cannabinoids including CBD, THC, and THCV has demonstrated that cannabis medicine may help to manage PD symptoms. , primarily focusing on providing relief for PD symptoms. This in addition to (remember the boot camp?): Regular exercise – especially a new form of boxing, focused on Parkinson’s where one of the world’s greatest boxers of our time, Muhammad Ali also suffered from.

LOTS OF LOVE + POSITIVITY for both the patient AND caregiver. There are good days and there are bad, the goal is keeping up in the Parkinson’s race and finding the right pace. A simple way, we look at getting through this PD journey is understanding and accepting we’re running up a mountain.

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Once you finally figure out where you’re going and adapt to the pace, you suddenly come to a new obstacle. This next leg of the race is a rougher terrain, one that’s uphill and the weather conditions have worsened but you once again adapt, wear different equipment and keep running up the mountain.

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Ultimately, it’s to get to the top and to embrace this new normal… We don’t want to paint a picture that this is providing a cure, however, we do want to share that incorporating CBD oil in our father’s daily routine, has provided great relief to his symptoms and has given him the confidence to balance both plant-based and pharma medications. Emergency 24 hour Hydraulic hose replacement near me Newcastle.